Hair Removal

Making unwanted hair a thing of the past with IPL treatment
Unwanted hair can be inconvenient, irritating or embarrassing. If you want a permanent solution that’s fast, safe and uses the latest technology, then look no further. Most areas of the body can be treated in both Women and Men including the face. A course of treatment is required to achieve permanent hair reduction. Our methods are proven, safe and more important completely painless! 
We provide IPL & Laser Hair Removal at this clinic with a Medical Grade Epsilon Combined IPL & Nd; Yag Laser; the fastest most powerful in the industry, also having a cooler attactment directly on the hand piece to cool the area before IPL treatment commences (clients do not feel any pain).
The High Powered 1064-nm Nd: YAG is safest wavelength for permanent hair reduction on darker skin types –Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI (FDA Clearance)
It is also the choice for treatment of vascular lesions including spider veins, blue leg veins & facial telangiectasias.
The New advanced Epsilon IPL is revolutionary since it combines a very high energy with the fastest regulation of the most important parameters, giving it the versatility needed when offering tailored hair removal, skin rejuvenation & acne treatments with skin types I-V.
We are the only Clinic in Worcester to have The very latest Nd; Yag, the hair is vaporized immediately upon contact therefore it actually removes the hair unlike IPL, this treatment has become so popular especially on areas such as face, giving even more confidence to the client when leaving. (See Yag Treatment Testimonials)
IPL Is the best form of permanent hair reduction; it destroys the Germinative Cell When The Hair Is the right growth phase (Anagen when connected to a blood supply) therefore the follicle is unable to produce any more hairs.
When the hair is in any of the other growth phases it will weaken the hair, making it finer & lighter & slows the growth down. A course is required to catch all the hair in the Anagen growth for complete removal.
Packages of 2 or more areas can be Taylor made to suit individual requirements (3
RD area treated free of charge)
Call or email to Book a Free Consultation & patch test.
Frequently Asked Questions;

How does laser hair removal work?
The laser focuses it’s energy on the target (Hairs in this case) It looks to differentiate between the background & the target, so the lighter the background (Skin) & the darker the target the better the results.
Once the IPL/Laser is flashed over the area the light travels down the hair shaft penetrating down past the epidermis & dermal layers of the skin, converting to heat once it reaches the follicle. This technique permanently destroys germinative cells responsible for hair growth.
The hair has to be in the
“ANAGEN” growth phase (Connected to the blood supply) to be able to destroy the germinative cell. If it is in any other growth phase it will still weaken the hair & slow down the growth. It rejuvenates the skin at the same time, so any irritation or scaring from in-growing hairs etc. will be healed very fast. This is why a course of treatment is required; to catch all the hair in the right growth phase.
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Will I need more than one treatment?
Normally 8 – 10 sessions are needed to provide a permanent reduction of hair growth. Facial hair tends to be more stubborn and may need more.

How Many Treatments Will I need?
The number of treatments needed will vary between clients, as all clients respond differently, this is purely based on your medical history, hormones/age, skin & hair colour, hair texture & density and the area being treated.
For best results we recommend you complete the full course.

How long does the hair have to be on the day of the treatment?
For the best results between 1mm – 3mm is the perfect length.

What areas can be treated?
Almost any part of the face and body can be treated; the most common areas are; Face including Upper/Lip, Chin, Jaw-line, and Neck, Underarms or Arms, Legs Bikini Area
Back & Shoulders Chest, Nipples & Abdomen.

Will it hurt?
Absolutely not, as we use the very latest medical grade water-cooled IPL technology & a cooling pack for ND;YAG Hair Removal so there is no pain or discomfort. In fact normal hair removal procedures such as waxing, epilating, tweezing & electrolysis are far more painful.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?
There are many methods to remove hair, none are permanent but Laser Hair Removal is the most effective treatment available. Laser hair removal is the only clinically proven treatment for the removal of unwanted facial & body hair gently, quickly and effectively with long lasting results.
Most clients see a reduction of between 80%-90% after a full course of treatment.

How do I manage the hair in between laser treatments?
You can continue to shave or trim if you wish to keep the area hair free, but you must not wax or tweeze the area between treatments, as this is counter productive when having laser treatment.

What happens after my Laser Hair Removal treatment?
Most clients have absolutely no side effects after their treatment, very occasionally a client may have slight redness following a treatment, but it usually subsides after a few hours.
You will be given (or emailed) an Aftercare Sheet advising you to avoid heat treatments, saunas and direct sun exposure. We recommend using a SPF 45 on the treated areas after treatment to protect the skin.
You should allow 14 – 21 days following treatment for the hairs to fall out; you can aid this process by exfoliating the area on the 14th day.
Is Laser Hair Removal right for me?
You will be offered a free Consultation & patch test; where you will be required to fill in a brief medical questionnaire to rule out any possible contraindications.
A full skin & hair analysis will be carried out and a treatment plan will be arranged to suit your individual needs.
We can treat clients with fair or darker skin tones, by matching the correct laser to your individual skin tone we are able to safely and effectively reduce your hair growth.

Can you treat Blond and Grey hair?
No, the IPL or Laser will not detect the hair because it is too light.

Do you treat clients wit Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?
Yes we do offer treatment; we fully understand and appreciate the seriousness of PCOS and how it can affect your life and so offer a continual 10% discount for clients with PCSO (This is on top of any other offer or promotion at the time)
Laser hair reduction for a PCSO client is a great way of managing the hair growth, although some of our previous clients have had absolutely amazing reductions in the first couple of treatments.

How much does laser treatment cost?
The price depends on the area being treated, the treatment required and the amount of treatments needed.
We have a price list on the website, but we may be able to charge less is there is not much hair on an area or if it is not the whole of an area that is required.
Two or more areas treated at the same time will be discounted (Usually the 3rd area is treated free of charge when booking a course of treatment) (Cheapest area free)

Can Men have Laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal is very popular with Men, particularly on the back, chest, neck and beard.